Monday, September 24, 2007

A Thrifting Monday

Just thought I'd show off some interesting thrift store finds from today's adventures in thrift land. Yeah I know I'm just buying stuff I have no use for, well at least not yet since I still live at home but then there's nothing stopping me from putting the ceramic plate away for when I do move out. Anyhow the brooch is definitely something I can use now and for only $3.00 I don't care if I just look at it and never wear it at all. I just love the cute little forget-me-nots on it, so quaint and sweet. I think the charcoal colour of the plate will look great with a bunch of citrus fruits like bright yellow lemons and green limes. I can already see it looking fabulous on a kitchen table with two gorgeous wooden jarah candle holders polished with beeswax. Hmmmmm sometimes I wish I had millions or at least thousands of dollars so I could just move into my house and continually redecorate every 6 months!

I burnt a little frankincense today and a concoction of my own dried herbs which included, rosemary, sage, white sage, thyme and lavender to try and get rid of some negative vibes. Here arch angle Michael watches over. I sometimes dabble in a bit of witchcraft but haven't had time for it for quite a few months now.

Anyhow I hope everyone has a positive, bad-vibe free week! Now with holidays I'm sure I'll be posting more often so do visit!

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Michelle said...

I'm a thrift store queen too, there's nothing like the buzz of buying useless stuff, just because.... xxx