Thursday, September 13, 2007


It's all chocolately goodness I tell ya! Haven't finished all the granny squares but have started going around all those finished with the final chocolate brown yarn. I am now very happy with how it's all looking, I think the chocolate brown just makes it complete. I don't even want to think about all the ends I have to sew in. I think someone could make a fortune sewing other people's ends in for money. Anyhow it's nearly the weekend and I am very much looking forward to it. I have been feeling so pooped at work this week, ready to get back to bed the moment I walk into work. *Yawn* I hope everyone else is well and busy creating yarn master pieces!

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MAIZEE said...

I like the addition of the chocolate brown yarn. Really does finish off the square. It's going to be very pretty when finished.

Got your message at The Crochet Along And right now I'd say give it a little more time. Carola is in charge and she could be busy right now and just letting requests pile up for a little while. I know she has a job as a book translater among other things. I think she can get very busy at times. She also lost a beloved pet in August and that's actually the last post she wrote at her blog "My Living Room". When you click on Carola at the Crochet Along it does give her information and her blogs for you to click to and read. Her post about losing her cat was so sad.

When I joined the Crochet and Granny Along, Carola did get back to me pretty quick. It took a little while for Dawn at the Ripple Along to respond, though. She apologized for taking so long but had a lot going on. I think it was her foot she had broken, she had kids home for summer vacation, just a lot of chaos in her life when I had asked to join. Maybe something like that is happening with Carola.

I almost missd your message as I hadn't been checking back to older posts for comments. So, anytime you want to get in touch with me just write in my comment on my newest post at my blog. I know I sometimes don't go back in posts I've made to see if there are more comments after I initially read them. It's very easy for me to just talk back and forth at our most recent posts. Who cares if it has nothing to do with the post. I don't. Keep checking "My Living Room" for a new post from Carola. When one appears we'll know she's back up blogging.