Sunday, September 30, 2007

By Candle Light

I know it's not the best for my eyes but I love to read by candle light. I especially love reading or watching horror/thrillers by candle light as it helps set the mood. I usually find it a great way to use up candles I've used for spells, firstly because it continues to release the energy that has been invested into the candle already and secondly... why waste perfectly good candles?, can't reuse them in another spell! I would love to have my own home one day and deck out the whole place with candles. Candles in the most amazing and original candle holders. I think I should start collecting candle holders for when that day comes.

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MAIZEE said...

Hi Kathy Ann! Hope all is well with you. I have been busy the last couple of weeks and haven't even been able to visit blogs. I had to stop and really think of what I'd been doing besides working that took up my time on weekends when I normally read everyone's blogs. There were two weddings, football games(we have season tickets for the University games), my monthly Friday Nite Sit and Sew, quilt guild meeting and a quilt class. I crocheted a little. And then there's always good ole housekeeping(not too much, just enough to get by). Hopefully I can get back to my blogging.
I checked my blog to see if there had been any new comments and found yours at my tablecloth post. I don't know what took me so long to think of using a clear plastic on my table. when I would straighten my linens' I'd see all the pretty ones that were my mom's and grams and wanted to use them so bad. Glad I finally thought to do that. Thanks for the compliment on my quilted tablecloth. I haven't quilted it yet. Since it was kind of fall looking I just put it on the table right away. I think what I will do is just use a cotton backing with no bat and quilt it. I don't know if you've seen quilted items made like that. I've seen some antique quilts which were made with no batting to be used as light summer quilts. When I decided that this would be a tablecloth I thought that idea would work well.
I've had time to read back through your blog and find out what you've been doing. Your basic muffin recipe looks like something I have to try. I love homemade muffins and breads. You've made me think I should post a recipe I got from a friend for oatmeal muffins. I think you'd like that one. I'll try to get it posted in the next day or so. Another baked delicacy I love is croissants. I have never had the time to try and bake them myself, seems to take hours. So I just purchase them at a local bakery. The other day I did order a crochet pattern to make an amigurumi croissant. Maybe I can make one of those over time, a few minutes here and there.
That Granny art does look neat. Did you see the big granny posted at the along on Oct. 2? They are using big yarn to create what we make as single little granny squares.
Your sisters quilt turned out beautifully. That floral border sets it off. Kind of an old world John Morris fabric look. I bet she will love it!
I love candles and firelight also. My favorite candles are Yankee scented ones. Have you seen them. They have the most wonderful scents. Since they are good size jars I use them over a couple of years, getting them out for different seasons. Right now I'm burning cinnamon or pumpkin spice or apple pie to name a few. And I love kerosene lamps. I know what you mean about the feeling of reading by candlelight. We were lucky enough to get a house with a fireplace. So when it's cold and snowy outside, candlelight and fireplace warmth are really cozy. If I'm doing and hand work have to get a lamp on somewhere, though.
There, I think I commented on all my favoite recent posts of yours. Rolled them all into one giant one. Got any more bunny pics!
Check my blog for my newest quick quilt and later on for my muffin recipe. Hope to hear from you again sometime.