Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Framed Goodies

Yes I've been to the framers! Above is a print by Ashley from Kitty Genius which I bought for my sister and her fiance for their engagement, but then the party didn't happen so I didn't bother with getting the print framed until recently. Since I've already given her her wedding present, (deposit for wedding photos) mum said I can give it to her for her kitchen tea, great idea mum that I will do! I am so jealous now, it looks so good in the frame that I wanna keep it. Ashley has some other brilliant prints so I'll just have to buy some more, once the bloody Aus dollar rate picks up!

As you can see I finally finished the cross stitch for our friends dear baby Eli, mind you it took only a year and a half to complete... According to Eli's blog they are back in Melbourne so I should go and give it to them soon before they head back home to Lakes Entrance. I am quite please with both frames and I hope that their new owners like them too.

Hope you are all well in blogland.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Crocheting up for the Winter

I am going back to Germany for Christmas and the whole of January so I've decided to make a few scarfs and beanies to take with me, keep me warm while I'm walking around Berlin, gallery hopping and scouting the local op shops, second hand book stores etc. (Ahhh man I can't wait) Anyhooo this is the first scarf that I am working on. It is an idea I stole/borrowed from another blogger Inkberryblue who took the idea and pattern from an other blogger Crochetroo who originally wrote the pattern as a bookmark. Click on Crochetroo for pattern. Just like Inkberryblue's mine is also pulling a bit because of the weight of the yarn but I am ok with it, I jusr pull it back into shape every now and then.

I actually spent a bit of money this time and bought the most beautiful Jo Sharp wool which is also 5% cashmere and 10% silk and boy can you feel those two fibers in the mix! At our local wool and tapestry shop there is a lot of tweed yarn and I am not complaining because I love that look. This one has spots of cream and black through it which I really like. So far the scarf has cost 20$ in yarn I hope this ball is going to see me though to the end because I don't think I could justify another 10$ for another ball. 30$ scarf, hmm a bit much don't you think? Anyhow see how we go!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Personalised Wedding Toppers

My middle sister Stefanie is getting married in March next year and she asked me to make the wedding cake toppers. With the some help from my younger sister Annie we came up with these two figurines. The wedding dress is made to look like the actual dress my sister is wearing and being a huge comic fan we decided to give her fiance a superman t-shirt as a shirt. I must say after working out how to sculpt these little people making them was a whole lot of fun!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sewing Shirts for My Man

I have nearly finished sewing my first male shirt! Just some cuffs and buttons and it's done. This one is of course for my darling Axel, although after our discussion tonight sounds like the sleeves will be too short for him, and maybe the length of it too. Damn 6 foot 3 inch men, just make sewing life more difficult hehehehe! Anyhow I told him I'd finish it and send it to him, he can try it on and then tell me if it needs longer sleeves etc.

I have to admit it's been tricky sewing this shirt. The collar was easy to make but hard to sew onto the actual shirt. The shirt has a double yoke as well but that wasn't so hard to work out actually. Putting the buttons on the collar and on the cuffs has got me worried, actually just doing button holes on the front makes me nervous. I have an automatic button hole maker on my machine but sometimes it stuffs up so that doesn't help me much.

I've bought some other shirt material, more 'evening wear' material. The top one is for me quite expensive 18$ per meter and I needed 3 because it's narrow. The other stuff was on special 6$. I'm saving the expensive stuff until I'm more experienced. The shirt above is actually made from fabric that was on sale, down to 3$ per meter so all up including thread and buttons, interfacing it will cost about 16$ a bargain hehehehe.

Anyhow I sent Axel these photos and he likes the fabrics very much which is good to know. We will just have to see how the top one fits before I go and make the others. Will keep you all posted!