Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Turn!

I've realised I have spent so much time making things for other people that I have never really made anything for myself. The only thing I have for myself is the quilt I made when first learning to quilt. It was a square on square pattern I made as part of a class at Spotlight in Werribee. oh I lie, one more thing, a small lapghan, my first granny square project, that I've also managed to keep. So having said that I am starting to put a list together of all the things I want to make for MYSELF! I have been looking on the internet, googling images, flicking through craft magazines and visiting endless craft blogs and have been inspired by so many of the things I've seen.

Here is a list of things I want to make for myself

1. I am in love with quilts that have house blocks on them, I want to make either a wall hanging or bed cover with cute houses on it. Here are some images off the interent that have inspired me.

2. I have always loved cross stitch samplers and want to make my own 'Home Sweet Home' sampler that has flowers, a sampler house, birds and bees and rabbits as part of the design as well as an alphabet set of course. I want to frame it in a lovely antique wooden frame and hang it in the entrance of my home as people enter in. The above picture is off the Internet and just gives you and idea of the look I want, it is not the type of imagery I want though.

3. I want my own large size granny square blanket that I can throw over my couch and use as a blanket and snuggle under while watching television on a cold winter's night. I want it to incorporate a range of fun colours that will cheer me up on a cold day.

I love this one off the Granny Along flicker group site, who ever made it I love it!!!! It's so yummy looking and cosy.

4. I want to get back to painting and make some paintings that feature beautiful bunnies, I think maybe even a portrait of my dear bunny Charlotte. I just love the detail in the painting below. I think I would like to paint something like that or at least start collecting some 'bunny' paintings like the one below.

Even as I write this entry I am reminded of the quilt I need to finish for my sister's wedding, the beaded necklaces I have started to put in my etsy show, I will talk about that another time once I get it set up completely. And I've got to finish the children's cross stitch sampler for my friend's baby. I haven't touched it in 6 months and his first birthday is in September. It was supposed to be a 'birth' day present but I just haven't finished it.

Ahh looks like it will still be a while before I can start something for myself. Oh but I wait patiently for that day!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Finished Crochet and Felted Presents

Hi everyone I can't believe how longs its been since I last posted, over a month! There has been lots going on though. I am still in the process of cleaning my rental property but at least the new fence is up, the house is completely painted and the garden has been attended to. There was actually 4 truck loads of rubbish we had to take to the tip, can you believe it?! All that's left now is to clean and repair the roof and to build steps at the back door. I don't know when I'll be able to get new tenants but it is stressing me out financially.

Anyhow enough of that and onto crafty news! I have finally finished my boyfriend's granny square blanket and it looks pretty good if I don't say so myself. It is so warm and comfy. I've given it a wash with fabric softeners and it smells so lovely. I've also made two necklaces with handmade felt beads using the wool from my uncle's farm. These have been made as gifts for friends overseas. I've also finished the cushion covers for Axel's parents complete with zips which my mum helped me sew on.

Here are some photos of the completed projects. First photos is of the necklace I made for my Swiss friend Regular who I met last year as part of a Contiki tour of central Australia. I am going to see her as part of my trip to Germany- weekend stop to Switzerland yay! Second photo is of course a photo of the finished blanket for Axel.

I hope everyone is well and thank you for still visiting my blog even though I have neglected it to some extent. I promise I will blog more often now that I have finished reports for work and assignments for uni. I will be in Germany as of next Sunday and will stay there for four weeks so hopefully I'll be able to give you a bit of a tour of the country as I travel around and let you know what the recipients of my crafty presents think of them.

Take care and keep on crafting!