Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Neck Warmer From Germany

There were a few things I made while I was away in Germany. Being a lazy blogger while I was there I didn't actually post any photos of the stuff I made. I've decided to make up for that and post some now. This is a neck warmer that I made. I was so sick of wearing scarfs that didn't really cover my neck well that I decided to go online to find a pattern for something that would keep me warm. It is a ribbed effect even though it is crochet. I love the effect and think it would be a great way to make a whole jumper, crochet but with the 'knitted' look. The only problem I had with this neck warmer was that the top would curl and expose some of my neck to the cold. I had to reshape it every night to make it uncurl.

New Felted Bracelet

I've been making a range of felt bead necklaces lately with the hope of opening an Etsy store. Yesterday I tried making a bracelet in the same fashion. I think the colour combination works but I might turn this one into a necklace and make the felt beads smaller for the bracelet. It was a little difficult to wear. What do you guys think?

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Crafter's Suitcase

Just thought I'd show you all how a crafter like myself packs for a 6 months overseas trip... Do I hear you ask 'where are the clothes?' I promise you there are SOME under there, under the watercolors, paintbrushes, jewelery making bits and pieces and wool tops. I don't know how much this suit case weighs at the moment but I don't think it's looking good for under 20 kg.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Sister's Wedding

As mentioned in the previous post my sister got married recently on the 21st of March. It was a great day and the event took place at the Royal motor Yacht club in Williamstown.

If you look back a few posts you would see that my younger sister Annie and I made the cake toppers for Stef's wedding. Here is a photo of them sitting on the wedding cake. I must say they looked great and lots of people were amazed that we had made them ourselves. I'm now thinking of what I will make for my own wedding, if I will make another couple like this based on Axel and myself or if we will go for little animals, pair of birds or rabbits.

Axel and I scrubbed up pretty well for the day. We have set a date for our wedding, 11th of April 2010 to be held at Lakeside receptions.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Ring

I am sorry to those of you who have been visiting my blog over the past 3 months just to find that I am still sitting in Hong-Kong airport. I have totally neglected this blog even though there has been so much happening that I could have written about. Axel came over to Australia February 17th and just left on the 26th of March after attending my sister's wedding on the 21st of March. During this time we also picked up my engagement ring which I blogged about in past entries. The jewelers did a perfect job in creating my vision, it is EXACTLY how I wanted it! Even though Axel had his doubts when I first pitched him my idea, as soon as he saw the final product he loved it and often would ask to look at it again and again, pulling my hand to have a look. Here are some photos of the ring...

I will be heading off to Germany again in a week so I hope I can keep you all posted on how I'm going over there. I will be unemployed but looking for work while I'm there and that is making me quite nervous. I will also try and continue to improve my German language skills and set up a craft stall at the local markets. Anyhow we shall see how it all goes. Hope you have all been well while I've been away from blogland. I promise to post more often!