Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Ring

I am sorry to those of you who have been visiting my blog over the past 3 months just to find that I am still sitting in Hong-Kong airport. I have totally neglected this blog even though there has been so much happening that I could have written about. Axel came over to Australia February 17th and just left on the 26th of March after attending my sister's wedding on the 21st of March. During this time we also picked up my engagement ring which I blogged about in past entries. The jewelers did a perfect job in creating my vision, it is EXACTLY how I wanted it! Even though Axel had his doubts when I first pitched him my idea, as soon as he saw the final product he loved it and often would ask to look at it again and again, pulling my hand to have a look. Here are some photos of the ring...

I will be heading off to Germany again in a week so I hope I can keep you all posted on how I'm going over there. I will be unemployed but looking for work while I'm there and that is making me quite nervous. I will also try and continue to improve my German language skills and set up a craft stall at the local markets. Anyhow we shall see how it all goes. Hope you have all been well while I've been away from blogland. I promise to post more often!

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