Friday, January 23, 2009

Sitting not so Pretty in Hong Kong's Airport

Well what does one do when they are stuck in transit for 12 hours? Yep they hop on a computer and write a blog entry. What does one write about while sitting waiting for 7 more hours to pass? Well I don't know... I guess I could give you all an update regarding my trip to Rome and Germany. I was hoping to write about it when I got home and had some photos down loaded but oh well I'll just have to post a bit of a gallery later.

This trip to Germany was great, good chance to get a feel for what it will be like living with Axel, which will become more apparent after the 6 month stint in April. As expected he is easy to live with, quite relaxed, flexible and extremely attentive and helpful. I don't know what I was like to live with, at times a pain in the bum I suspect but he assures me that I was fine. I'm sure the snoring wasn't a hit with him but hopefully the home cooked meals made up for that. Anyhow I am so excited to have him back in Australia in three weeks even though it's just for 6 weeks this time, I have to wait until October before he moves here permanently.

Well what can I say about Rome...? First of all you cannot turn a corner without there being something amazing and monumental there in front of you. While 2 and a half days is not really enough we did manage to get to see most of the main attractions. Spanish steps, Colosseum, St Peter's, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, St Angelo's Castle, Vatican museums, Sistine Chapel and a few other small churches and museums with significant artworks. We also got a bit of a look at the Roman forum, all the ancient ruins. It's so amazing to think that you are walking on the same ground where others so important in history also walked. Very inspiring actually. I must say getting a good feed and at a reasonable price was tricky and there were some annoying moments. Not being able to speak any Italian also makes it quite tricky. It's not like Germany in that sense, you really do need some knowledge of the local tongue to get what you want. Anyhow overall it was a great cultural and artistic experience!

Anyhow I hope everyone is doing well and are enjoying either the hot or very cold weather, depending on where you are in the world. I'm not looking forward to returning to a 30 degrees C day in Melbourne, but then at least there is air conditioning at mum's.

Hope to write again soon and post some more holiday pics! Stay tuned

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Anonymous said...

hi, you wasn't a pain in the bum! and the home cooked meals were an extra bonus to a wonderful time!
Thank you!
mwah mwah, your dear Axel