Monday, November 19, 2007

First of Many Christmas Thingies

I have finished one of the table pieces I started last weekend. This one is for a friend. I hope they like it! I'm having a house warming on the weekend so I'm thinking I might try and decorate my room a little better because at the moment it is very 'daggy' for all those Aussies out there they will know what I mean. I was thinking I can at least make some pretty quilted cushions and square mats for the bedside table, bar fridge and top of the book shelf. I also thought an interesting vase with some flowers might help spruce things up. See if I have enough energy by Friday.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas Presents in the Making

I've started making some Christmasy table runners that will later become Christmas presents for some special family members and friends. Whilst these are the first two, I think I'll have to make another 3 more to cover everyone I want to give a present to.

This is the backing material I am using. The binding will be done in the red/gold material that is featured in the blocks. I've done the quilting in cream/neutral thread but maybe for the others I will try doing it using a red thread.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Left the Nest...

Well I have been spending the last two weekends moving out of home. I've moved in with a friend who I work with, boarding in her spare room which is partly her old kitchen as well. It's a great space. There is a sink and built in cupboards, a huge table, cupboard and bedside table. I also bought a bar fridge and some cooking appliances, basically it's almost completely self contained. If I wanted to I could live in just the room only coming out for toilet and shower! Anyhow one of my bunnies is living with me also, the other is still at my parents who don't want to let it go. (Funny that because mum is always complaining about the mess it makes!) So yes Charlotte the bunny is now a house bunny and I think she is enjoying herself.

This is my craft corner with craft books on shelf, sewing machine set up, crocheting projects and wool stash under the table as well as my fabric stash.

And here is dear Charlotte in her 'day' pen. I just can't trust her when I'm at work, I know what she's like she'll nibble on all the furniture if I'm not watching her so when I'm not there she is in the pen otherwise she has free range of the room and house but she is still too scared to wander in the rest of the house and tries to run back into the room if I take her out.

On the craft side of things I've washed all my Christmas quilt fabric and just need to iron it before I get started on two Christmas table runners. They will both be presents. I've also continued working on the alphabet cross stitch, TRYING to get it finished before Christmas so I can take it with me when I visit my friends and their baby.

Happy crafting

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Christmas is on it's Way...

This year I am actually looking forward to dressing up the house for Christmas, partly because of this wonderful book I found at the library which has the cutest Christmas craft projects in it. I am particularly fond of the 'partridge in a pear tree' project and the birdy Christmas tree. These are both featured in the photos. I am also hoping to make a table runner in Christmas fabrics. If I manage to make any of these items it WILL be a Christmas miracle! I will of course keep you all posted. Sorry for not having any new photos of projects that I am actually 'making' at the moment there's been lots of finishing stuff off for work and trying to tidy up some junk around the house, as well as catch up on sleep but hopefully I'll be back into the craft soon. Until next post have a wonderful week and for those in Australia, enjoy your Melbourne Cup day holiday!