Sunday, November 4, 2007

Christmas is on it's Way...

This year I am actually looking forward to dressing up the house for Christmas, partly because of this wonderful book I found at the library which has the cutest Christmas craft projects in it. I am particularly fond of the 'partridge in a pear tree' project and the birdy Christmas tree. These are both featured in the photos. I am also hoping to make a table runner in Christmas fabrics. If I manage to make any of these items it WILL be a Christmas miracle! I will of course keep you all posted. Sorry for not having any new photos of projects that I am actually 'making' at the moment there's been lots of finishing stuff off for work and trying to tidy up some junk around the house, as well as catch up on sleep but hopefully I'll be back into the craft soon. Until next post have a wonderful week and for those in Australia, enjoy your Melbourne Cup day holiday!

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Jules Knoblock said...

ooohh, I wish I had time to make some crafty christmassy things! I always want to, and always think I'm going to, but this year I'm not deluding myself. I hope you find the time for christmas crafting ;)
Thanks for your email btw, am just getting around to replying now... :)