Friday, February 29, 2008

Awesome Quilt Blocks Book!

I love my new quilting book that Axel bought me at the Australasian Quiting Expo. It has patterns and measurements for 1000 blocks. All the measurements are seam inclusive so there's no need to add or convert measurements just cut out the pieces and viola beautiful blocks! There is a square and triangle section, hexagon section and some others which are more free form and for these they have the outline of the pieces which you then photocopy to size and use as a template. Here is a photo of the book and my first attempt at using the book. I also tried a product which is new to me- quilt basting spray an adhesive spray used instead of pining everything together. I don't think I like it that much as it makes everything quite stiff and doesn't completely keep the material in place. I think it will be good when making coasters or table runners but not blankets and larger quilts.

Akki's Granny Square Blanket

Before my boyfriend left for Germany I had him pick some yarn he liked and that I would use to make him an afghan. As you can see he loves blue. I decided to use each colour twice to make a single block and then each block will finish with 2 rows of navy so that will mean each block will look like it is bordered with 4 rows of navy, just like the brown worked as a border in the lapghan. My boyfriend asked for an afghan that will fit a double bed but I think I will only have enough time and yarn to make one for a single bed. Also I have to take it to Germany and it would just be impossible to take something that heavy and bulky. I have 16 weeks to finish it and about 30 of these large squares to make so really I'll need to finish the squares in about 10 weeks with 6 weeks to crochet the borders, sew in the ends and stitch the whole thing together. Now that I put it like that ahhhhh I don't know if I'll make it! But I will try my best.

I just remembered I forgot to show you all how I finished the border on the lapghan. I opted for this simple scalloped edging which I think is quite effective. It took a while to do but I think it was worth it, giving the lapghan a finished and professional look.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

January Block Swap

This is the block I sent my January block swap partner. I hope it's scrappy enough for her as this is what she asked for in her description. The fabric is left overs from my sister's 21st birthday quilt and a toddler quilt I made for my neighbours' son. I am enjoying being part of the block swap and while I was disapointed not to get one from my November partner I did get one from my January partner and it is quite lovely. I will post a picture of the January block I received later as I have not yet taken a photo of it.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Little Lapghan is Finished!

Here are some photos of the lapghan I started last year. This is my first ever granny square project and I am so proud and happy to say that I have finished it. It has been a great learning experience, first having to learn how to crochet a granny square and then to figure out how to sew the pieces together and then sew in the ends. I am enjoying having this little lapghan warm my legs while I work on the computer or warm my shoulders and back as I use it as an extra blanket when I sleep under my doona. I've already started a new granny square afghan project but I'll save that for another post! Until then I hope everyone is well and happily crocheting along.