Friday, February 29, 2008

Akki's Granny Square Blanket

Before my boyfriend left for Germany I had him pick some yarn he liked and that I would use to make him an afghan. As you can see he loves blue. I decided to use each colour twice to make a single block and then each block will finish with 2 rows of navy so that will mean each block will look like it is bordered with 4 rows of navy, just like the brown worked as a border in the lapghan. My boyfriend asked for an afghan that will fit a double bed but I think I will only have enough time and yarn to make one for a single bed. Also I have to take it to Germany and it would just be impossible to take something that heavy and bulky. I have 16 weeks to finish it and about 30 of these large squares to make so really I'll need to finish the squares in about 10 weeks with 6 weeks to crochet the borders, sew in the ends and stitch the whole thing together. Now that I put it like that ahhhhh I don't know if I'll make it! But I will try my best.

I just remembered I forgot to show you all how I finished the border on the lapghan. I opted for this simple scalloped edging which I think is quite effective. It took a while to do but I think it was worth it, giving the lapghan a finished and professional look.

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