Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another Crochet Baby Jacket

Here is a photo of the finished crochet jacket that I was working on. I think the yellow star buttons finishes it off quite nicely. I've started a new jacket but this time using nice pure wool with a 4mm hook instead of 4.5mm. I am getting nicer edges without wholes just by ch2 instead of ch3 to make a dc at the start of a new row. I also have realised that quality yarn is the way to go and that $2 yarn looks like $2. So I've gone and bought some pure wool yarn for $5 for 50 gm balls. I must say I cannot wait to use the stuff. In this jacket below you can see some of the orange yarn I bought. I am going to make the rest of the sleeves orange and brown stripes. I am also thinking of putting teddybear buttons on this one.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Finished Sewing My First Piece of Clothing

I finally finished sewing my first piece of clothing. As you will see if you go through my blog I do sew a bit but only quilts. I've always wanted to sew clothes because most of the time I think the stuff in the shops is either crap or just don't fit me. And so here after my third lesson I've finished sewing a hoody with zip.

I've made a lot of mistakes while sewing this hoody but I'm glad I did because I've learnt so much from those mistakes. I now know how to use my zip foot and to use and adjust different stitches. I also now know what those nodes are for on the patterns.

I wore the hoody to work today and all day I was trying to put things in the front pockets but of course there are none on this. I think I will go back and put some on so I'm not forever feeling for pockets that are just not there.

My next project is a short sleeve blouse for my sister in some nice blue cotton material, which she just told me is the same material that the cleaners wear at her work. Oh dear I guess she won't be wearing it out then. Still it will be good for practicing and I'm sure I'll learn lots from the experience. Collar and buttons and interfacing oh my!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Afghan is in it's New Berlin Home!

I just received some photos from Axel depicting the afghan I made for his apartment set out on his bed. I think it looks kinda neat. I do think his room needs a make over though. Something for me to do when I go over there for Christmas. Axel will be at university so I think it's safe to say I can do what I like to the apartment, deco wise.

I am nearly finished sewing the jacket I've been working on in sewing classes. I just need to heme the bottom. I am going to try and make a shirt next for my little sister, she's probably the only one out of all of us that will wear it. We shall see but I get the feeling that most of the stuff I'm going to make is never going to be worn.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New projects, Making Clothing for the first time!

Yep this is the first time I am attempting to make something one can wear. The first item is a 6month old cardigan crochet from this wonderful rainbow yarn, cheap as 3bucks but looks so cute! It's from this book I think it was called 24 hour crochet projects, everything can be made under 24 hours. I changed it though didn't like the way the bottom half of the cardigan was designed so i continued with simple double crochet stitches. I'm going to put three yellow star buttons on it too. Don't know why I'm making baby clothes, I've got another year before I can even start trying to get pregnant. Oh well I'm starting early I guess. I just love babies in handmade knitted clothes.

I've also joined sewing classes, beginners of course. I've never made anything but quilts with the machine and the last time I tried to make a skirt it turned out 4 sizes too big and just completely wrong. I am quite proud that I have been able to sew sleeves to what will become a hoody. The classes are every Monday for 6 weeks at our local Spotlight store. I am learning heaps and very excited about it all. I think I might have mentioned before that I want to sew my own wedding dress. I've got about a year before I have to do that so with lots of practice I think I will be ready by then. My grandma and my mum made their own wedding dresses so I want to keep that tradition.

Anyhow must fly got to get ready for work. Oily bed hair is not a great look! Hope you are all well. Have a great Friday and weekend!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Five Buck Shawl, and the Cat Loves it!

Just a little note about this wonderful crochet shawl that I found at a thrift store or what we in OZ call an Op shop. 5 bucks can you believe it? I can't even buy the yarn for that much. I think Puff the cat is also pleased with it too! I was acutally hoping I could use it to work out the pattern, I really like it and think it would make a great baby's blanket or wrap.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sick of Being Sick!

I have been really not the best all year health wise. I have had to deal with chronic sinusitis for most of the year, then that started to get better and I did my back by putting a dish in the dishwasher mind you! and then before Germany I got some stomach problem which lasted for a week, still don't understand what it was but the tablets worked. Then in Germany I get bronchitis get over most of it while I'm there, come back home get sick again with a virus and now not only do I have that I am also switching between that coming and going and the sinusitis sometimes mixed in with it. Also this past week it's been a date with the toilet every time I put something down my throat. At first I thought it was having eaten some bad cheese on Monday but nope it got better after two days, drank some milk then bam again for another three days. I don't have a problem with dairy so I have no idea why I am reacting like this.

I like my doctor but you know I want to know WHY I'm like this not just go home rest and drink plenty of fluids. Why does it come and go even if I am doing the same thing? Like I was great on Sunday except for the toilet running and then today again my body is hurting and I feel weak like I did on Friday when I was told I had a virus and just sleep, drink and rest etc.

I used to really understand my body, when I'd get sick I knew exactly why and what to do, I wouldn't bother with doctors now I'm getting sick in ways I've never been sick before and don't know how to deal with it, sometimes things I do work and then they don't. I hate the fact that I cannot control my body and the way it feels. Also it seems when I start doing one thing that works for one symptom then I create other problems. For example I've been eating lots of oranges and garlic, honey and veggies to boots my immune system, kept bugs away for a while but then created this acid problem and very painful stomach. Now I have to deal with stomach issues. The aromatherapy is keeping sinuses clean but now I can't sleep at night it seems to have stimulated my brain too much. Oh man I just can't seem to win!

Anyhow that's my whinny sad sod entry while I wait for 2pm so I can get my sorry butt to the doctors AGAIN! Hope the rest of you are feeling much better than I am and in controll of your bodily functions!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just a Not so Nice Note

I just want to say I am really angry that people are leaving comments that are not related to the posts but just attempts to sell stuff etc. I thought there was that code protector thingy when someone leaves a comment, isn't that supposed to help with spam crap???? Ahhh I am so annoyed. This is a place for crafters and friends to share not people selling cheap drugs and lottery tickets for lotteries that don't exist. Sorry but I could just write a whole string of nasty words right now, I am absolutely cheesed off about this. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do about it? Is there extra security that I can put on this blog? Anything I should click on or off in the settings section? If you are reading this and thinking of leaving a comment trying to sell me something or to link me to some viagra site GO AWAY. I don't want any, and I don't play the lottery anyhow even the legitimate one here. So stop wasting your time!!!!!! 

For the rest of you who have left genuine comments relevant to this blog I thank you, I love hearing what others think of my work and I also enjoy hearing about what you all are getting up to. Sorry that you had to read this. 

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Come all ye Crafty Melbournians

I've been thinking about organising a Melbourne 'meet and stitch' for ages but haven't been quite sure how to do it. I would love to meet new people that enjoy crafting and not just meet them here in cyberland but in real life. I thought I would start the process of organising something by firstly putting the idea out there to those of you who are local and read this blog. Maybe there already is a group of us that meets? If there is any you know of it would be great if you could let me know, no point in reinventing the wheel so to speak.

So for now, if you are reading this and you are in the Melbourne area or would be willing to make the trek to Melbourne for a 'meet and stitch' just leave me a comment and pass the word around to others you know who would be interested.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

In Keeping with the Quilt Swap Theme

Just thought I would keep my promise and post some photos of the quilts I've made for my June and July swap partners. I don't know if they visit this blog so I'm not sure if this is going to spoil things for them. Sorry if it does!

Tea Pot theme- first time trying the blanket stitch option on my sewing machine. It's actually not too hard to use and also gives a delightful effect. I just have to work out how to go around corners neatly!

My swap partner asked for a calico small print and muslin block, this is my interpretation I hope it's what she was looking for. There's muslin over the other print in some areas. I think it's quite subtle and works really well. I was thinking it would make a nice block to built a wedding quilt up from, adding more muslin in the borders too.

Quilt Blocks I Have Received From Swap Partners

It's been quite a long time since I last wrote about the quilt block swap that I am part of. I have been lucky enough to receive so far 7 lovely quilt blocks from my swap partners all of which I think will fit together to make quite a nice quilt. If I can remember correctly I listed as my theme, autumn colours and that I particularly like maroons and earthy colours. Here are some photos of my partners' interpretation of that theme.

There is another block that I have received that is not featured in these photos, I have left it at mums and need to pick it up and store it with the rest of the blocks. I did a bit of sewing these past two nights and can now relax knowing I am up to date (finally) with my blocks for the swap. I will send the two blocks out on Monday and hopefully post a photo of them in my next post. Hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend. It has been a restful and productive one for me, still battling coughy flu germs, and sinusitis but managed the two blocks and lots of reading for university assignment.