Saturday, August 9, 2008

In Keeping with the Quilt Swap Theme

Just thought I would keep my promise and post some photos of the quilts I've made for my June and July swap partners. I don't know if they visit this blog so I'm not sure if this is going to spoil things for them. Sorry if it does!

Tea Pot theme- first time trying the blanket stitch option on my sewing machine. It's actually not too hard to use and also gives a delightful effect. I just have to work out how to go around corners neatly!

My swap partner asked for a calico small print and muslin block, this is my interpretation I hope it's what she was looking for. There's muslin over the other print in some areas. I think it's quite subtle and works really well. I was thinking it would make a nice block to built a wedding quilt up from, adding more muslin in the borders too.

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MAIZEE said...

Hello! Well, the light bulb finally came on yesterday and figured out everything you told me. I got my linking done, etc. I am very computer challenged but I'm learning every day. This was a big step for me. Thank you!
Your white block is pretty, very elegent. It would make nice blocks for a wedding quilt.
And you teapot looks pretty good. I got a new machine last year so I could learn applique. My first machine is about 35 years old and very basic. So I updated a little with a few more stitches including that nice blanket stitch. I've taken some machine applique lessons and have learned some really neat tricks. Right now I'm trying my hand at invisble applique with clear thread. One nice thing is my mistakes don't show. My teacher said it takes practice, practice.
Those swap block look very nicely done. They will make up into a nice quilt. Back in the early 90's the was a trading boom promoted by the quilt magazines publishing names and addresses of people wanting to trade blocks, chatrm squares, 2 1/2 in strips, all kinds of things. I traded with quilters from all over the world. I've made some tops and had some quilted. Ha! Another idea for a post. I'll have to get them out and take their pictures.
Again, thanks for guiding me. I'll talk to you again.