Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just a Not so Nice Note

I just want to say I am really angry that people are leaving comments that are not related to the posts but just attempts to sell stuff etc. I thought there was that code protector thingy when someone leaves a comment, isn't that supposed to help with spam crap???? Ahhh I am so annoyed. This is a place for crafters and friends to share not people selling cheap drugs and lottery tickets for lotteries that don't exist. Sorry but I could just write a whole string of nasty words right now, I am absolutely cheesed off about this. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do about it? Is there extra security that I can put on this blog? Anything I should click on or off in the settings section? If you are reading this and thinking of leaving a comment trying to sell me something or to link me to some viagra site GO AWAY. I don't want any, and I don't play the lottery anyhow even the legitimate one here. So stop wasting your time!!!!!! 

For the rest of you who have left genuine comments relevant to this blog I thank you, I love hearing what others think of my work and I also enjoy hearing about what you all are getting up to. Sorry that you had to read this. 

1 comment:

Rachel said...

On my blogger page I set my comments setting to Registered Users (Includes Open ID). I haven't had any spam comments, so I guess it's working. I hope you can fix the problem - it's so rude to spam people's comment section!