Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Finished Sewing My First Piece of Clothing

I finally finished sewing my first piece of clothing. As you will see if you go through my blog I do sew a bit but only quilts. I've always wanted to sew clothes because most of the time I think the stuff in the shops is either crap or just don't fit me. And so here after my third lesson I've finished sewing a hoody with zip.

I've made a lot of mistakes while sewing this hoody but I'm glad I did because I've learnt so much from those mistakes. I now know how to use my zip foot and to use and adjust different stitches. I also now know what those nodes are for on the patterns.

I wore the hoody to work today and all day I was trying to put things in the front pockets but of course there are none on this. I think I will go back and put some on so I'm not forever feeling for pockets that are just not there.

My next project is a short sleeve blouse for my sister in some nice blue cotton material, which she just told me is the same material that the cleaners wear at her work. Oh dear I guess she won't be wearing it out then. Still it will be good for practicing and I'm sure I'll learn lots from the experience. Collar and buttons and interfacing oh my!


Rachel said...

Wow, I can't believe you made that yourself! It looks great! : )


Really a nice job. Are those set in sleeves? Regardless you did great. All the basic techniques, a zipper, and it fits. What more can you ask. You've got a good start on your sewing endevors.