Thursday, August 21, 2008

New projects, Making Clothing for the first time!

Yep this is the first time I am attempting to make something one can wear. The first item is a 6month old cardigan crochet from this wonderful rainbow yarn, cheap as 3bucks but looks so cute! It's from this book I think it was called 24 hour crochet projects, everything can be made under 24 hours. I changed it though didn't like the way the bottom half of the cardigan was designed so i continued with simple double crochet stitches. I'm going to put three yellow star buttons on it too. Don't know why I'm making baby clothes, I've got another year before I can even start trying to get pregnant. Oh well I'm starting early I guess. I just love babies in handmade knitted clothes.

I've also joined sewing classes, beginners of course. I've never made anything but quilts with the machine and the last time I tried to make a skirt it turned out 4 sizes too big and just completely wrong. I am quite proud that I have been able to sew sleeves to what will become a hoody. The classes are every Monday for 6 weeks at our local Spotlight store. I am learning heaps and very excited about it all. I think I might have mentioned before that I want to sew my own wedding dress. I've got about a year before I have to do that so with lots of practice I think I will be ready by then. My grandma and my mum made their own wedding dresses so I want to keep that tradition.

Anyhow must fly got to get ready for work. Oily bed hair is not a great look! Hope you are all well. Have a great Friday and weekend!

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Michelle said...

aaaawwww you're showing off! That's gorgeous!!

And sewing lessons, how fun is that!

That would be amazing to make your own wedding dress! Good on you! xxx