Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sick of Being Sick!

I have been really not the best all year health wise. I have had to deal with chronic sinusitis for most of the year, then that started to get better and I did my back by putting a dish in the dishwasher mind you! and then before Germany I got some stomach problem which lasted for a week, still don't understand what it was but the tablets worked. Then in Germany I get bronchitis get over most of it while I'm there, come back home get sick again with a virus and now not only do I have that I am also switching between that coming and going and the sinusitis sometimes mixed in with it. Also this past week it's been a date with the toilet every time I put something down my throat. At first I thought it was having eaten some bad cheese on Monday but nope it got better after two days, drank some milk then bam again for another three days. I don't have a problem with dairy so I have no idea why I am reacting like this.

I like my doctor but you know I want to know WHY I'm like this not just go home rest and drink plenty of fluids. Why does it come and go even if I am doing the same thing? Like I was great on Sunday except for the toilet running and then today again my body is hurting and I feel weak like I did on Friday when I was told I had a virus and just sleep, drink and rest etc.

I used to really understand my body, when I'd get sick I knew exactly why and what to do, I wouldn't bother with doctors now I'm getting sick in ways I've never been sick before and don't know how to deal with it, sometimes things I do work and then they don't. I hate the fact that I cannot control my body and the way it feels. Also it seems when I start doing one thing that works for one symptom then I create other problems. For example I've been eating lots of oranges and garlic, honey and veggies to boots my immune system, kept bugs away for a while but then created this acid problem and very painful stomach. Now I have to deal with stomach issues. The aromatherapy is keeping sinuses clean but now I can't sleep at night it seems to have stimulated my brain too much. Oh man I just can't seem to win!

Anyhow that's my whinny sad sod entry while I wait for 2pm so I can get my sorry butt to the doctors AGAIN! Hope the rest of you are feeling much better than I am and in controll of your bodily functions!


Ken said...

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Michelle said...

Oh sweetie, I'm sorry you're having a rough time! There's nothing worse than endless sickness. In our house I've had sick kids for what seems forever! The only thing I would suggest is some yoghurt (or something with the good buggies in it) to try and replace the good buggies that you're losing. It might help. xxx