Monday, September 10, 2007

Made with Love and Roses

Just took some photos of a quilt I've been making for my sister's 21st birthday present. Her room is decorated mainly in pinks and mint greens and she just loves anything shabby chic so this is what I've made to complement her bedroom decor and taste. I haven't put the binding on as of yet as I can't decide what fabric to use. I'm tossing up between the pink/maroon fabric that is featured in the thin border or just using the same material used for the outer border. I've got till October to decide and finish it so I'm not too stressed at the moment. I tried to be more experimental with this quilt and use a range of colours and fabrics. I think all up I have about 10 different fabrics. This is also the first time I've made a pierced boarder and used Ohio star blocks.

This is what it looks like sitting on my sister's bed.

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Britta said...

It's wonderful! Your sister is a very lucky girl.