Friday, September 21, 2007

The School Holiday's to do List

Yep it's Friday night and the final term school holidays has officially started! I've just handed in that darn assignment which I was still fixing till 20 minutes before the post deadline. Whether I passed it or not is another thing. So the to do list for these holidays, here is what it looks like so far...

1. Felt two pillow cases for colleague's birthday present
2. Finish cross stitch started for friend's newborn
3. Finish granny square blanket
4. Finish crochet flower scarf
5. Finalised invitations and special guest speaker for art show
6. Complete and publish art book 'Happy Pills' through Blurb
7. Study for exam
8. Read and make notes for second assignment for Teaching Social Behaviour subject
9. Finish reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons
10. read Kate Holden's Under My Skin
11. Cast a couple of spells to help clear the 'illness cloud' that's been lurking around work
12. Finish binding on sister's rose quilt
13. Get other sister's engagement present framed
and finally...
14. Try to just relax and indulge in a little aromatherapy, tarot reading, gallery hopping and window shopping, maybe even get to take a day trip to the country!

Whether I get to finish all this in 2 weeks... we shall see. I'm starting tonight with working on the cross stitch and tomorrow I'm going over a friends to baby-sit her children and card and dye some more wool for the cushions.

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