Thursday, September 20, 2007

Arts and Craft at the Royal Melbourne Show

Today the whole school went to see the Royal Melbourne Show. I hadn't been since I was about 12 years old and even then I hardly got to see any of the show, dad cracked it and took us home after half an hour! I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it even though I was a bit worried about it being too commercial and over crowded but there was one section that was commercial and another which was very traditional with all the animal breeders competitions and the craft and cooking displays. The students had a ball looking at all the animals and buying show bags. I personally enjoyed the arts and craft section the most. (not particularly surprising is it?) There were some good examples of quilts, cake decorating, photography, crochet and knitting but I have to admit nothing really stood out as outstanding. Some of the items that won first price were very amateur and both the other adults and myself could not understand how some of the items won! I did get a chance to take some photos while we were there, just so I could share them with some of the international readers of this blog.

I personally think some of the items people have made on granny along are more interesting and outstanding than these examples. But the pillow made up to look like a patchwork quilt piece out of small granny blocks is a good idea.

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