Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First of Two Felted Retro Cushion Covers

As you can see on my to-do list I have to finish two felted cushion covers having promised a colleague that I'll make her some for her birthday. Yesterday I embarked on making the first of the two cushion covers with the help of another colleague mentioned previously in a felting entry. We are pretty happy with the results and are now thinking the other cover will be the same but reversed colours, so white with red line work. We will need to prepare some more red fiber though as this cushion pretty much took up all the red we had.
Here's a bit of a look at the process, well the felting part at least, there's heaps that goes on in preparing the raw wool for felting.
All we have to do after the other one is finished is decide on the backing material and to sew it together!

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