Monday, August 27, 2007

Wabbit Wool

I've started making a granny square using hand spun and undyed English angora rabbit wool that I get from a local supplier. I wasn't sure how it would go because it is very uneven but it has proven to be quite a pleasure to work with. It is extremely soft and slides through when you crochet it. The only problem is some of the fluff sometimes gets up my nose! I hope other crocheters take up using rabbit wool as it is an amazing fiber! If you are looking for the perfect fiber to felt or weave rabbit wool is also great, it felts almost instantly.

Gypsy the English Angora rabbit - before and after hehehehehe

As you can see from the photo the it is really fluffy stuff to work with, softer than cotton buds. The crochet pattern doesn't come out as clearly because of the unevenness in thickness throughout the hand spun wool. But you can buy machine processed french angora from most yarn shops, not as soft as the English angora but much softer than anything else on the market.

Here are some photos of two scarfs I've knitted using the same type of wool. I used a size 12 needle for the grey scarf and a size 20 for the pink one to add some interested. Also the wool is quite expensive so I wanted to make it last longer!

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Glasgow Lindsay said...

Hello! I think it is so amazing what you have done with your rabbit's coat. I had to come over and read more about it when I saw your pictures on the Granny Along! Clever you I am so impressed! :0)