Monday, August 20, 2007

I just Felt like Felting

About three months ago I was lucky to be given a whole sheep's worth of raw wool from my uncle's farm. I'd never done anything with raw wool, didn't know how to clean it or dye it etc. but I soon decided that I was going to make it my business to learn how to treat, dye and felt the stuff. I've been lucky enough to have two other fabulous ladies that I work with join me on this learning experience. The best part was that everyone brought some tid-bit of knowledge and experience to the project which truly made it a group effort and experience. We all agree that the most rewarding part of the experience has been looking back on dirty raw wool we started with and how it has transformed, due to our efforts, into beautiful, colorful designer like household artifacts. (bashing and throwing the felt around in order to full it was also a highlight!)

Here are some photos from our first felting project.

This photo shows our first of two cushion covers we made which have been sewn up and shipped to Ireland as a wedding present.

Once one our fleecesome threesome comes home from her holiday in Western Australia we will be getting back to the felting board, dying more brown wool in order to make another set of cushion covers for a co-worker's 40Th birthday and house warming. But I'll post picture of that project once we get started!

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