Sunday, August 19, 2007

An Introduction

I've been crafting along for a few years now but it hasn't always been that way. I started off as a fine artist who worked mainly using computer generated images, photography, instillation etc. I studied at the Victorian College of the Arts and graduated with honours and have has several solo and group exhibitions. Yet since starting work as a teacher for special needs students I've had little time to take my art seriously and to continue to work towards putting on exhibitions. Even so my need to create, design and experiment with colour, form and techniques has lead me to pursue more practical and craft based projects. I am hoping to use this blog space as a place where I can share my own crafting experiences with other artists and craftspeople, where I can exchange ideas and solutions to craft problems. And so with this first entry, I embark on a more formalised arts and craft journey that I am sure will be filled with exciting and surprising artistic/craft adventures as well as many unfinished projects and failed attempts and I look forward to others joing me along the way!

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Michelle said...

I just had to leave one more comment, I love the sketches I've seen here, I've just gotten into art in the last couple of months but am not very confident, just having fun. And wow! You're a special needs teacher, my son Mathew has Autism and ADHD and he's just started at a special school this year after doing up to grade 3 in mainstream. I really have enjoyed your blog and very much look forward to reading more. xxx