Sunday, August 19, 2007

Net Granny

When I think back to where I've learnt most of my craft skills I come to realise that most of these skills have been passed on to me by my grandmothers. I remember my grandma Anastasia teaching me to knit, well the purl stitch at least, teaching me in the 'Greek Granny' way to hold the yarn over my neck to create the right tension.(Which later earned me lots of laughs when my 'Aussie' friends saw how I knitted). My basic crochet skills I am sure are the result of sitting and watching my grandma Sultana who I view as a 'master' of the crochet craft. (You will see why later in future blogs where I'll share pictures of her work).

Whilst I am grateful for what my grandmothers were able to teach me they could not teach me all I wanted to know. Neither of them quilted nor did cross stitch or sewed using a sewing machine. But alas I have found a solution! In this age of technology and 'You Tube' there is no need to despare if you haven't got a granny handy to pass on years of crafting experience, just log into 'You Tube' type in say 'crochet' for instance and viola oodles of video based tutorials where you can learn a range of craft skills from.

I am so in love with my new online grannies! So far I've learnt about building a basic 'granny square' and what a double crochet and slip stitch is! I've also learnt how to crochet a flower and change yarns to add multiple colours to my work.

Here are some examples of granny squares I've started to crochet and which my 'net granny' taught me how to do.


kimmipie42 said...

Wonderful work!!! I just joined the Granny Along also. Pretty great place. Can't wait to see your grannies all together. I am working on a new pattern that I wrote up. Its on my blog. I will be posting to Granny along as soon as I have new batteries for my camera!?! Great job from another newbie.

Rayne said...

Love the colors you used for the grannies! So pretty. Great job!

~~MarKiche~~ said...

Oh, I love the colors so much! How big it`s gonna be? I`ve just started my first Granny, happy hooking ;)