Friday, August 24, 2007

The Brooch Experiment: part 1

I absolutely love interesting and original handmade brooches! I've noticed a few great examples on Etsy- Buy handmade and thus was inspired to have a go at designing and making some of my own. I've started playing around with some felt and the good ol' blanket stitch. At the moment I feel the brooch I've made is too big and maybe could be reduced to just one layer. Not really sure. Anyhow here is a picture of my first handmade brooch. Was thinking of putting just a button in the middle but I think the beads make it just a little bit more special.

Please excuse the poor lighting/photography but this is what it looks like pinned to a cardigan.

I've been thinking of using cute quilting fabrics because of the range of desings and maybe keeping the middle part of this brooch desing and putting some ruffled lace around the back. Will continue to experiment that is for sure so stay tunned!


Janey said...

The brooch you made is absolutely gorgeous!
It does look too big in the first picture - but not on the cardigan. (Mind you, I've only seen these pictures so cannot really comment.)
What are the measurements?

Kathy Ann said...

Sorry Janey I can't find an email address for you so I'm leaving my message here, hope you see it. The brooch is about the size of a hand palm. excluding fingers so about 4 inches in diameter.