Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Roses are Red...

Above is a beautiful bunch of ribbon roses I came across while surfing the net. I came across this fantastic tutorial on Burda Style the other day and was thinking wouldn´t it be great if my bridesmaids actually had a posy of silky red ribbion roses instead of more maroon dark red real roses? This way I can match the red of the roses to our red satin shoes!

I bought some ribbion from the 1 € shop the other day and gave it a go. Above is a single flower and below is a bunch of them which I really like. They would work better if I had the florist wire and tape and could fix them properly. At the moment I´ve just tied them with a bit of yarn which means they move around and undo a bit when I arrange them in a bunch.

I will continue to experiment with the ribbion roses, making some with wider ribbion like in the first photo.

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