Friday, May 1, 2009

Lena´s First Birthday Present

I got some great 4 ply yarn from one of the Saturday markets last week with the intention of making a baby cardigan for our ´someday´baby. I asked Axel to choose some yarn that he thought could be for a boy or girl and he chose this great yellow ball with specks of green, pink, red and blue.

Having completed it though I realised it was quite big and probably for a 1 year old not a new born. I could wait and keep it for when our future baby turns 1 or is big enough for it but then I thought why should it wait that long to be worn, Axel´s niece is turning 1 next week she would look great in it and it goes with the t-shirt we already got her. So alas the cardigan is now packed for Lena´s birthday and I will just have to keep on making others for our ´future´kids. We are that eager to make some but waiting until a better financial time. pooey also I don´t want to be pregant in my wedding dress.

Here are some photos of the cardigan...

Happy May Day to all the Germans reading this! Have a great weekend everyone.

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