Thursday, April 9, 2009

Berlin I Have Arrived!

So here I am again in that beautiful city called Berlin. It's great to see Axel again and the appartment feels like a home away from home. I've already done some sight seeing visiting the Brandenburg gate and Jewish memorial. I've also started the horrifying task of finding work in a foreign city. It seems there are millions of others like myself looking for 'teaching english' jobs. I'm not quite sure how things will go because most of the jobs start next semester which starts in August and I leave at the end of August. I've also started reading for uni and gathering information for my first assignment. The weather has been so nice though that it's hard to stay inside reading, all I want to do is wander around and go exploring.

20 years since the wall came down, it mark the event you can get your photo taken with an East side soldier and get a passport (fake of course) with the original passport stamps from the different areas of Berlin, American, Russian etc. Only 2 Euros what a touristy bargan!

Jewish memorial

Infront of the Brandenburg Gate

Anyhow I will try and keep this blog updated although with uni work and job searching and a bit of sight seeing, there is really not much time for anything else! Ah but who's complaining. I love this city!!!!!!

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