Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Patterns for Bridesmaid Dresses

Sorry to do a random wedding blog entry but I was looking at some patterns for the bridesmaid dresses which I´m considering making myself. I´m loving the fun nature of this yellow number so cute but not sure how it will go for all the girls one is quite large up the top and would probably not feel comfortable in it. I am thinking of having different dresses and same colour though. Hmmm that´s where this pattern or batch of patterns would be good.

Front left, back right tickle my fancy but then they are such typical bridesmaid dresses. I want something that´s formal but not typical.

So far this black number, which we would make in navy blue with red accessories is the one my sister and mum are cheering for. I like it but maybe it´s too typically bridesmaidesque. It is classy and could be worn by all the bridesmaids... hmmmm we shall continue to look as there is plenty of time. Anyone got some pics of really cool bridesmaid dresses that are perhaps navy blue?

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