Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Handmade Felted Bead Necklaces

I've been busy making a batch of felt bead necklaces. I'm hoping to take them with me to Germany where I hope sell them at one of the craft markets in Berlin. I'm really happy with these necklaces mainly because I feel I've done the best I could with the materials I've used and I believe they are of great quality, no corners cut. Thick tiger wire, metal beads and clasps, fittings and chain, none of that cheaper plastic stuff that looks like metal, and of course tightly felted beads made carefully by hand and quality wooden beads.

Some of the necklaces are adjustable and finished off with a wooden bead.

These beads are actually made with wool that I've washed, carded and dyed by my very own hands. Wool supplied from my uncle's farm in Toolernvale, Victoria.

I thought these hot pink beads deserved to be glammed up with some gorgeous silver metal beads.

Hopefully I will be able to establish an Etsy shop as well but I have a few things to work out before I do that, like how extra income (if things go well) will affect my taxes etc. and if I need to register it all as a business with business name and ABN number. Anyhow it's been a dream of mine to sell stuff at a craft market so I hope I can live out that dream. Also how cool would it be to live that out in Berlin?!

Wish me luck!

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handmaiden said...

kathy, love the felted beads, what patience you have to make those. Good luck with selling them