Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cushion Covers in the Making

I have been working hard these last few days crocheting, quilting and then quilting some more. My latest quilting project are these soon to be pillow cushions which I will also take with me to Germany. ( it seems my suit case will have nothing but handmade gifts in it and no clothes!) These will be for my boyfriend's parents to put in their lounge room. My boyfriend has sent me a photo of different rooms in the house and after having noticed their couches don't have cushions I thought that's where I could help!

Here is a photo of the room I am making the cushions for. I think I will make four, enough to decorate the place without over doing it and making it possible to carry them with me on the plane. If I have time, maybe some bigger fancy ones for the single chairs. See how I go.

This is my mock up design for the front of the cushions. I think I will make them with buttons on the back or maybe just get my mum to help me put a zip on them. I am not sure yet, but I think some nice brass buttons would finish them off quite nicely.

In their first stage, middle section done. So far I have done two middle sections, two more to go!


Michelle said...

Hi there, you left a comment for me over at Granny Along about my baby blankets. The worsted weight is just normal 8 ply. I use that term because it's mostly overseas readers. The Anchor yarn is called Magicline, it's a cotton you can get at Spotlight, I haven't seen it anywhere else. I too have just made Inga's bag, I finished it last night. I used Yarn Bee yarn, 45% cotton/55% acrylic, and I'm pleased with the results. I got mine at Spotlight but am not sure if they still have many Yarn Bee yarns as they recently sold it all off cheaply at the Bayswater store here in Melbourne. If you check my blog out I'll be posting a picture of my bag later today: http://chelle67.multiply.com
I think that was all your questions? Thanx for your compliments on my blankets and I'm looking forward to see your blankets and bag, I'm going to start another bag today! Michelle xxx PS Now I'm off to browse your blog XXX

Glasgow Lindsay said...

Hi Kathy Ann,

Thank you for commenting on my blog too. I think your BF family will be delighted with your patchwork/quilted cushion covers. Personal hand made gifts are always the best kind. If you would like to make some crocheted hats to send to Little Lamb that would be lovely (but feel free to wait and post them from Germany on your next visit as that will cut postage costs significantly. I so envy you going to Germany it is a country I would liket to visit very much.)I love your baby quilt too with the jelly bean fabric. The great fabric prints you get now are wonderful!

Best Wishes,Lindsay