Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Crocheting Around

I just love the german crochet bag that was posted on the Granny-Along blog. I decided to have a go myself and so I downloaded the pattern but couldn't really understand it, then I went on You tube and found a video tutorial and viola I was making solid granny squares! I've tried a few ways one where I am going in between the double crochet and another where I am going through the top link in the double crochet, both which give a different effect. I think I need a bigger hook as the stitches look much smaller than the ones in the photos posted on flicker.

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Michelle said...

Hi again, I used a 4.50 hook for my bag, I love your colors, the Marvel yarn is lovely to work with too. Im going to start my second bag today and am going to use just normal 8 ply as I have so much of it that needs to be used up xxx