Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mini Me Cake Topper

I have been at it again, making stuff for our wedding. This time I've been making our cake toppers. We wanted these cute birds from Etsy but we can't afford the $150.00 although I do think they are worth it. So instead I'm making another set of little people like I made for my sister's wedding.

Here is a photo of my mini me. I like the end product but she is a bit broken. Her head is lose and luckly there is a toothpick holding it on. She's also been glued back together having fallen and broken in two from the waist. You can see the crack around her middle if you look at her from the back but since that won't really be visible I'm not going to worry about it. All I need to do now is to make her a REALLY long veil which I'll make out of touli. Best part about her is that she has little red shoes like I'll be wearing!!!!!

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