Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pringle Containers and Wrapping Ribbon?

It seems we have solved the wedding cupcake stand issue and we've done so with empty Pringle containers, a bit of plaster, liquid nails and silver wrapping ribbon. Who would have thought? At the moment we are waiting for the liquid nail glue to dry so hopefully that will dry and set hard.
If all works out this 5 layered stand would have cost us around $60.00 Aus dollars. I just love the silvery goodness.

So far this is the best example of cupcakes I have found on the net with the colour scheme I am going for. We have bought both blue and silver metallic cupcake patties but we are not sure which ones we will use. Chocolate mud cake is looking like a winner for the cupcakes but something with Bailies also sounds good.


Pammy Sue said...

That is such a great idea and very creative! Mud cake cupcakes...YUM.

Miss Prudence said...

Oh wow this is going to look soooo good!