Saturday, August 15, 2009

Watery Women

This is a quick sketch of a bride and her moon cresent bear, inspired by one of the stories in 'Women who run with the Wolves', a book I mentioned in another post. In the story the woman's husband returns from war and is distant and angry. She goes to the local witch doctor for help and he tells her to get a hair from the chest of the moon cresent bear. In my drawing I see the moon cresent bear as a symbol for women's anger, agression and we sometimes become a bride to it. But just like a husband it can support us and help us grow if we know how to live with it.

Here is another version of the woman inside a woman image. I worked this one on quality water paper and really concentrated on layering washes of colour to achieve some depth.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I know I am just layzing around dabbling in a bit or crochet and painting.

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