Sunday, August 2, 2009

Emotional Ties and Psychic Growth

This image of a woman/infant growing within an woman came about from an image I had when thinking about how much I miss my mother and how much I wish I could just curl up in her arms. The image and idea developed from that feeling into something that is not only about missing my mother but also about missing my conection to mother earth and nature in general. The woman inside could also be a new idea or project that is evolving and growing inside the woman's psyche. The hair is deliberately drawn to look like flowing water as well as hair. In some stories hair represents power. Water is symbolic of emotions. The women's hair is tangled to form a kind of umbilical cord. They nourish each other.
I have reworked the original image using photoshop making it look like a wood cut or lino cut, something I might like to turn it into in the future. Red is for blood, growth, blue is for watery emotions. It's a silvery blue so it also connects it to the moon, and the moon godesses knowing and power.

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Rima said...

This is so very cool!