Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's Willow Time!

Ah finally I have made a Willow block made famous by many a Flicker groups which are dedicated to making bags and what-nots using this block. I fell in love with this block the first time I saw it on Granny Along and after searching the web for the pattern and asking others I finally found the book it came from and quickly snapped it up on, as they say, the rest is history.

I have had enough of looking at blue yarn and all the other projects I've made are in natural earthly colours so for this project I've gone for a more candy palette lots of colourful fun for the senses. I saw another bag on Flicker where the crafter used purple and mint green to make a German crochet bag using two different squares, one similar to the willow and the other a normal granny. I have chosen to do something similar but with different colours and a different block pattern. I wish I could remember what the crafters name was but this is a photo of the 'inspiration' bag. If anyone knows who made it please let me know.

And here are the first two bocks from my bag to be. I've used hot pink, jade green, orange and light pink for the border. I don't think mine will look as elegant as the other one, which is just amazingly beautiful and elegant but I hope it will look like a fun casual bag to do the shopping with in Germany because they don't have plastic bags at the supermarket you have to take your own.

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Michelle said...

Hi Kathy Ann, thanx for your message to me last week. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you I've had sick kids!Yuk!

I too love this bag and the colors and designs she used, it's so pretty. I can see you're enjoying the break from toned or similar colors, I too need to 'break free' from certain colors sometimes.

I love the colors you've used here, very pretty. You said the bag is for shopping in Germany, are you going on a trip? Or is it for a gift for someone over there?

And to answer your question about my son Mathew, he goes to Vermont South Special School as we live in Fertree Gully.

Michelle xxx