Friday, December 7, 2007

My First Block Swap

My swap partner asked for a block that had a nautical theme and this is what I have come up with. I chose the blue fabric because I thought not only is it blue but it has a bit of tone variation that makes a pattern which reminds me of the sea or water in general. I hope my partner likes it and can actually use it in her quilt. I've joined another two swaps since this one and am finding it exciting to be part of these swaps, sharing things we've made with our hands with others across the globe or in other parts of our own country.

I've never made a block like this so I am feeling a wee bit proud of myself, working it out and getting the size right without a pattern. OK it's not complicated or anything but I still can't help but feel like I've achieved something. Anyhow I hope everyone is doing well and not going slowly insane with all the running around and trying to get all that needs to be done for the holiday season.


Cristina said...
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Anonymous said...

hello, i think i made a bo-bo here. but let's see if i go rigth now. I'm your SECRET swap partener in the crochet along, so i would like to know what are you're favourite colors.

Kathy Ann said...

I like maroons, pinks, blues, browns. I really like most colours except for bright greens or very bright yellows. I guess I would say that my favourite colours are earthy colours. I hope this helps!