Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Very Late Birthday Present

I have finally finished making two felted cushion covers for a friend's birthday that was in August. I had one already made ages ago but really wanted to make a pair for the present. I am quite pleased with the way I sewed the cushions together, I've never sewn anything other than stuff for my patchwork so I wasn't sure how to do it. There is a lot of overlapping material so I haven't even had to add Velcro or press studs. Well I am giving the presents to my friend tomorrow so I hope she likes them. I guess now they are partly Christmas presents too!

Here is the very simple gift wrapping of the cushion covers.

I thought I'd add a picture of a doll my neighbour had made for her little girl's Christmas present. I think it's absolutely gorgeous and it even looks like the little girl who is getting it. How much better is this than some Barbie doll?!

Anyhow I hope everyone is having a great week leading up to Christmas. Tomorrow is the last day for work this year then it's 5 weeks off for summer holidays, yippee! I'm sure I'll spend it being busy with craft projects. If I don't post again before Christmas I wish you all a wonderful and safe Christmas and a happy new year.

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