Saturday, May 29, 2010

Raspberry Delights and Over the Top cake

I finished the cardigan I was making for our friends' new baby girl Paula Johanna. She was born about a month ago and we are just itching to go see her. I was so happy to hear that it was a girl because then I had an excuse to use some super pink raspberry yarn. I just love hot pinks but haven't had any real reason to use some.

Lucky for me the exact stuff I was looking for was in the discount corner at the local yarn shop, still meant $5 dollars for 50gms but hay for raspberry coloured 100% merino wool who's complaining! I mixed up two patterns to come up with this one. Unfortunately I printed out the patterns long ago and have forgotten the sites I got them from so I cannot share them.

Here's a photo of the little gem!

It's been finished off with the cutes of pink mother of pear buttons. I am also planing to make a beanie to go with the cardigan. I hope it will keep her warm this winter. It will be too small for the following winter.

Just before I go thought I'd throw in a photo of a yummy cake I tried today. I got the recipe from Recipes + May 2010. It's called pear and chocolate cake with hazelnut syrup. I didn't have any hazelnut liquor so I swapped that for chocolate essence as suggested at the start of the recipe.


Crochet with raymond said...

Hi kathy Ann... whoops, I left my e-mail address and URL on a post at for the love of crochet along... tee hee... now here I am at your blog where I should have left it! I'd really like to join for the love of crochet along!

April Cottage Ramblings said...

What a beautiful cardigan. Im not confident following crochet patterns and tend to stick to blankets.
Love the colour too.
best wishes

Neicee said...

Adorable Cardigan! The cake looks amazing! Yumm

lovestitch said...

The cardigan is sooooooo lovely! Love the color too! The cake, wow, very yummy! You are so clever!