Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today I turned 30. So what does one do on their 30th birthday...? Demand a really yummy and huge lemon meringue for their birthday cake! Why? Because I felt like it and 5$ mud cakes from the supermarket just don't cut it when you're the big 30. hehehehe. I guess one good thing about being in the middle of renovations and wedding plans is that you don't have time to feel so pooped about turning another year older and saying goodbye to your 20's. Here are some pics from the big moment.

We had Axel's parents on Skype while everyone sang happy birthday. They are so cute they made me a birthday sign and had a candle burning for me too. I've got a special parcel on it's way too. They always spoil me. Axel spoilt me with flowers and I spoilt myself with a new little cotton bud. His name is Joseph. He's a little 7 week old Angora X lop bunny. I've been thinking of getting a new rabbit for a while now and today I popped in to the shopping centre for a pair of shorts for indoor soccer and came out with a little fluff ball as well. I just have to work out how to socialise Joseph with Charlotte so they can be out together.

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Miss Prudence said...

happy birthday Kathy! hope you have a wonderful day

Have you put your creations on the for love of blog?

I finally managed to put something for 2010 on there this week!