Saturday, December 13, 2008

You're Invited!

Ok I know the wedding is like a million years away but you can't give me a design project and not expect me to jump to it and spend all my free time fussing over it. So having said that 16 months to go and I've pretty much finalised the design for our wedding invites. I'm now in the process of designing the Save the Date cards and RSVP cards which will just utilise the same design elements but different sizes and compositions.

For those of you in blogland here is a sneak peek at the invite.

It's not a very fancy invite, i.e no frills and ribbons etc but I have tried a few different types of paper and this one is printed on a lovely 250gms textured white card. I tried to print on some of that lovely metallic paper in an ivory colour but the ink didn't stick. I will see if I can get some that is printer friendly because ultimately that's what I would like them printed on, just to make them a bit 'weddingy' and a bit of shimmer did no one any harm! Even though I've been designing them Axel has been part of the process and it's his choice to use blue in our wedding. So I am not being a bridzilla in any sense. He also agreed on all the other elements so is just as happy as I am with the results. I just have to wait until he comes in February to show him the different papers and then he can choose which one we will use.

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