Friday, July 18, 2008

Hello from Germany

Ok so I thought I´d have a bit more time to write but I have been on the road for two weeks traveling from northern to southern germany, then flying to Switzerland and back again. I must say it has been a very busy and awesome three weeks and I am already sad about having to go back home in a week. The country and it´s people have been wonderful. Axel´s family and friends have been welcoming and helpful which makes it even harder to leave in a week. Anyhow I thought I would just take this opportunity to tell you all that everyone loved their handmade presents and I found out that Axel´s mum was looking for cushions for that room for over 6 months but couldn´t find any she liked! until mine came along hehehehe so I was glad that I chose to make cushions and not table runners. Axel and his brother and his girlfriend loved the quilt for the baby, baby Lena who I have totally fallen in love with.

I am already starting to think about what I could make for everyone´s Christmas presents, more granny blankets, Christmas stockings and some cross stitches I think or some scarfs and hats considering it will be winter. Anyhow I have 5 months to work it all out.

Here are some photos, highlights from the past 3 weeks...

The cushions in the Remy´s lounge room.

Looking at Axel´s baby photos, awwww so cute! hasn´t changed much hehehehe.

Driving on the ´WRONG´side of the road, ok ok ok the right side of the road!

Meeting up with Bernard who was responsible for introducing me to Axel in Melbourne

Meeting up with friends from Contiki Australia, Thomas in Munich and Regular in Lucern Switzerland

Finally visiting the Franz Marc museum in Kochel am see a 14 year dream of mine finally came true also visited Franz Marc´s grave in Kochel.
There are so many other highlight but I´ve just realised how late it is and I have promised to cook lunch tomorrow, Axel´s mum is working night shift so I wanted to cook so she doesn´t have to worry. I will post some more photos later, there are some great photos from Switzerland which show some local craft, awesome stuff I tell ya. Till then I hope everyone is well and enjoying their summer or winter weather.


pcso lotto said...

It could give you more facts.

Rachel said...

I love the photo from Munich - it's such a beautiful city! Amazing architecture!