Sunday, October 7, 2007

Brand New Sewing Machine- I'm in luuuuv!

I went the other day and spent all the money I got back from the tax man on a new sewing machine that is also designed for quilting. (So much for putting the tax money back on the mortgage... ) Here is a preview of all the cool things this machine can do...

Life is going to be so much easier with this blanket stitch option!

All I have to do now is practice with the free style stitching so that for my next quilt project I can put a whole heap of fancy stippling ( is that what that curly whirly stitching is called?) Anyhow I am just so excited about all the new things I will be able to do thanks to this machine. It's pretty heavy duty so I can put through thicker threads and metallic threads which will be great if I choose to get extra arty farty with my quilting. Anyhow as I said in the title 'I am in luv!"

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