Monday, January 11, 2016

Der Papierfuchs, My new paper bead jewelry brand

Lately I have given away the crochet hook and taken up the art of paper bead making. I have found it to be very interesting and satisfying artistically. As a result I have started making paper bead jewelry to sell and have even opened my own Etsy shop Link here----> (Papierfuchsjewellery)

My actual love for making paper beads started with the viewing of a random video on Youtube. Those 'how to' videos can sometimes be addictive! I just love how the bead forms right under your finger as you twirl the paper around.

Here are some photos of some of my products that are currently available on Etsy.

 All the pieces for sale are handmade by myself. A lot of the papers have also been hand-painted and embellished with gold or silver acrylic artist's paint. I have sealed all pieces using 2-4 layers of high-gloss varnish making these pieces durable and moisture proof.

If you love a bit of jewelry please feel free to check out my Etsy shop or leave a comment here. Some of the most valuable things one can have when starting out are comments, so please leave a comment and let me know what you think, what do you like, where can I improve!

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