Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Engagement Ring, Part 1

I looked and looked on the Internet and in every jewellery store in my area and after I looked some more and went through the 40+ pages of google images I ended up finding the inspiration for my engagement ring in my mother's humble stash of jewellery. It is a man's ring from the 70's shipped over from Greece by my dad's grandmother, a wedding gift in fact. From the moment I first saw it I thought that is it, that's my ring! The intricate star design and the filigree on the band I find divine. Being a man's ring it is quite large and bold so I am getting the jeweller to make a more 'feminine' version of the ring. To do so I am combining my fathers ring with this one.
This is my father's ring with the star design that I love so much
Here is a quick sketch of the way I want to combine the two rings together. The top will be exactly like my father's and the band just like the first ring.
I have found a jeweller who will make the ring for me we just have some design issues that we need to work out. Because I want the ring smaller and the diamond smaller the star shape might have less detail and not look exactly like I want it. Anyhow we have about 5 weeks to get the ring made, 3 before I go back to Germany for Christmas and 2 before Axel returns to Melbourne. As the title suggests this is the first part to the engagement ring saga, stay tuned!

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Rachel said...

Congratulations on your engagement! I hope you get the ring of your dreams!